Jackson and the Bell Witch

Legends began clustering around Andrew Jackson during his lifetime and more fastened on him after his death.  One that has almost certainly no basis in fact is the story of the encounter of Andrew Jackson and the Bell Witch.  Supposedly poltergeist phenomena began occurring at the farm of a John Bell in 1817 in Adams, Tennessee.  It is difficult to say now if any of the legend has any basis in fact or if it was all simply made up.  According to the legend Andrew Jackson visited the farm in 1819 with an intent to kill the witch, or disprove the whole thing as  a fraud, thought to be behind these events.  According to the legend Jackson was defeated by the witch and went home.    Jackson’s movements are well documented in 1819 and there is no evidence for such a trip, so the whole story is a complete fable.  Besides, if there was one thing the numerous friends and foes of Jackson could agree on was that he was an expert at killing.  If Old Hickory had set out to kill a witch, I would not have bet on him not being able to cut short the lifespan of the agent of the diabolical!

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