April 11, 1863: Hooker’s Plan




General Joseph Hooker

Since placed in command by Lincoln of the Army of the Potomac in January of 1863, General Hooker had astounded everyone, perhaps even himself, by proving himself to be a superb administrator of the Army.  A man with the nickname “Fighting Joe”, which Hooker hated, would perhaps be considered to be a competent combat commander while letting the out of combat command of the Army be delegated to other officers.  Instead, Hooker many reforms which greatly raised the morale of the troops and increased the effectiveness of the Army.  Among his other reforms:  he improved the rations of the troops, established cooks for each company and provided for the supervision of the cooks,  improved camp sanitation, reformed the Quartermaster Corps, initiated a system of furloughs for the troops, better training for both officers and men, and combined all cavalry units in the Army into one Corps.  Hooker can almost be forgiven his boast that he now commanded the finest Army on the planet.  Of course the test of any army is the battlefield, and Hooker realized that the day of such a test was approaching for both the Army of the Potomac and for him.  On April 11, 1863 Hooker sent a Lincoln giving a very general outline for what would be his Chancellorsville campaign: (more…)

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