Jim Bridger

Something for the weekend.  Jim Bridger, Johnny Horton’s 1960 tribute to the mountain man.  Bridger was the Zelig of the early West.  There were few major events in the West between 1822-1868 that he wasn’t involved in.  Raising two families with Indian women he married, his first wife dying in childbirth, Bridger was the first white man to set foot in various parts of the far West.  Active in the fur trade, he founded Fort Bridger and at the age of 60 in 1864 he blazed the Bridger Trail from Wyoming to Montana.

He had a wry sense of humor, perhaps best exemplied by his oft repeated story of how he was chased for many miles by a war party of Cheyenne.  Finally, they trapped him in a box canyon.  He would then pause until his listener urged him to tell what happened next.  “They killed me.” would be his dead pan reply.

Bridger died in 1881, one of the last of the Mountain Men, and with him died a part of America’s youth.

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