Santa Roosevelt

Santa Roosevelt

Death had to take him in his sleep, for if he was awake there’d have been a fight.

Thomas R. Marshall, Vice President of the United States, on hearing of the death of Theodore Roosevelt


One of his worst enemies once said about Theodore Roosevelt that a man would have to hate him a lot not to like him a little.  It was hard not to admire Roosevelt for his courage, his enthusiasm and his obvious good will.  That last aspect of his character is illustrated by the fact that for many years he would go to Cove School at Oyster Bay dressed as Santa Claus, talk to the kids, and give them presents he had purchased out of his own pocket.  When he did it in 1898, after achieving renown leading his Rough Riders in Cuba, the little boys at the school mobbed their Santa hero! 

He kept doing it until 1918, shortly before his death, when ill health prevented him from going.  His son Captain Archie Roosevelt, freshly returned from fighting in France in World War I, did Santa duty for his father at the school.  We have had greater presidents than Theodore Roosevelt, but I doubt if we have had a kinder man as president.

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  1. When you look like I do… and work in/around orphanages and pediatric hospitals you have to do Santa for those little smiles. Love the tidbits of history that you share.

    • I have never played Santa Dennis, but if I did no padding would be required!

  2. grits biscuits and gravy… it will catch up with ya, cousin.

    • Too much gravy and biscuits for me. I am too much of a Yankee to have ever developed a taste for grits!

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