Yankee Privateer

Something for the weekend.  Yankee Privateer, the song recounts one of the exploits of Captain Abraham Whipple, one of the more skilled and daring of American naval officers during the Revolutionary War.  In command of a force of his Providence, a 28 gun frigate, the sloop of war Ranger, and the frigate  Queen of France, he encountered in mid-1779 his force encountered a British convoy enshrouded in fog off Newfoundland.  Running up a British flag and concealing his guns, Whipple stealthily captured 11 prizes and the song celebrates this feat.  Whipple well typifies the spirit of the infant US Navy in its one-sided contest against the Royal Navy during the American Revolution.

Whipple lived to a good old age of 85.  A monument erected in his memory sums up the man:

Sacred to the memory of Commodore Abraham Whipple whose naval skill and courage will ever remain the pride and boast of his country. In the revolution he was the first on the seas to hurl defiance at proud Britain, gallantly leading the way to wrest from the mistress of the ocean her scepter, and there to wave the star spangled banner. He also conducted to the sea the first square rigged vessel built on the Ohio, opening to commerce resources beyond calculation. Born September 26th, A.D. 1733. Died May 27th, 1819. Aged 85 years.

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  1. Can you do a post on Whipple’s run down the Ohio/Mississippi with a sailling rig. In that era, sounds like an amazing feat!!
    In Christ, Dennis

    • I will Dennis. I didn’t have time to do so for this post and it was a fascinating venture in 1788.

      • I am guessing his GPS and underwater sonar array was non-functioning.. grin. (Use delete/ignore option here for amart aleck comment)

      • 🙂

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