Well That Was Humbling

(This was originally posted over at The American Catholic.  I thought the history mavens at Almost Chosen People might like to try their hands at science!)








The Christian Science Monitor has a science quiz.  I found it rather rough.  I got 37 out of 50 right, and I am afraid quite a few of my correct answers were attributable to my knowledge of history, familiarity with Greek and Latin terms, and good guessing.  Go here to take it, and report back to us in the thread below with the results!

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  1. Do I have to??? grin.
    Dennis McCutcheon

  2. It is a rough test Dennis. My high school junior daughter got 33 and she is very sharp. Her mother, my wife, gave up half way through and I have always considered her smarter than me. Too many years from high school science for both of us!

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