Audie Murphy on What’s My Line

Tomorrow being Veteran’s Day, it seemed appropriate to play this video of Audie Murphy’s appearance on the  What’s My Line television show on July 3, 1955.  It is striking to me how well-mannered and modest he was.  Compare and contrast with the behavior of many modern celebrities.  Society has gone downhill rapidly over the past half century.  Go here to read a post on Murphy’s World War II service which made him the most decorated soldier of the United States Army in that conflict.

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  1. I almost didn’t bother watching the clip, but I’m glad I did. The host was as classy as the guest. And, the looks on their faces when the question about what else the movie star had fame for was . . . not packaged for TV, but authentic.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you Whimsy. Audie Murphy was one of nature’s true noble men: polite, modest and brave far beyond what most of us are capable of.

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