John Wood

Part of my continuing series on the governors of Illinois down the end of Reconstruction.  Born on December 20, 1798 in Moravia, New York.  Like so many of his generation, Wood headed west as soon as he reached adulthood.  He was the original pioneer for the city of Quincy, Illinois, building the first log cabin there in 1822 and being the first inhabitant.  Seven times mayor of Quincy, he also served in the Illinois State Senate from 1850-54.  William Bissell’s running mate in 1856, he was elected the first Republican Lieutenant Governor of Illinois.

When Bissell died in office in 1860, Bissell took over as Governor.  His brief ten month tenure was dominated by continuing investigations of the Illiniois-Michigan canal strip fraud, involving former Governor Joel B. Matteson, Illinois politics, then as now, being rife with dishonesty. (more…)

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