John Douglas Hall as James Madison

John Douglas Hall as James Madison gives a report on negotiations with France and England in 1811.  The art of Presidential impersonation can not only be entertaining, but also a useful means of teaching history.  There are thousands of Lincoln impersonators around the nation, and probably hundreds of Washington, not much for the remainder of our Presidents which is a pity.  Mr. Hall does a very good job as Madison.  He not only has his mannerisms down pat, but he speaks as Madison wrote, in fairly complex eighteenth century prose, which lends a verisimilitude to his performance.

Go here to view a complete presentation by Hall of James Madison in 1811 on C-Span.  Hall has been following Madison’s life on a day by day basis since 1985, reading each day what Madison would have read in the gazettes and pamphlets of his day, and it takes that type of dedication and immersion in the subject to make for a first class impersonation.

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