Longest Surviving Ex-Presidents

Here’s a bit of trivia fun that I created on Sporcle: name, in order, the ex-presidents that have survived the longest after leaving office.  Interesting to note that if the number two guy on the list lives for another year, he’ll have had an historically long ex-presidency.  Seems fitting, somehow.

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Debating Empire: 1898

There is little new under the sun.  In the aftermath of the Spanish-American war debates raged about what to do about the Philippines, mirroring current debates about American involvement in foreign lands.  America ultimately fought a savage war to suppress the Filipino Insurrection.  A few years afterwards an elected Philippine legislature was created.  In 1935 the Philippines were granted Commonwealth Status, with a promise of independence in 1946.  In World War II Americans and Filipinos fought and died together against the Japanese invader, with the Filipinos never surrendering and conducting the most successful guerilla struggle of the War against the forces of Japan until liberation by  MacArthur in 1944-1945. (more…)

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