Where Were You?

(I posted this yesterday at The American Catholic and I think our Almost Chosen People readers might wish to read it.)

I doubt if most Americans will forget where they were and what they were doing when they heard of the attacks on 9/11.  Our commenter T. Shaw was in New York City during the attacks on the Twin Towers. Here are his recollections that he wrote down three days later:

I need to confess that this thing has me nearly unmanned.  Late last night, the TV news had a segment wherein the wives and children made emotional appeals for info on their husbands and fathers who are missing.  I lost it, then. I have tears in my eyes as I “hunt and peck” this. That is not me.

Have been praying ever since the attack.  Tried to give blood yesterday. They said come back, had too many donors to handle. We need to come together and work to keep the economy going and spark the recovery.  This is no time for “gloom and doom.”  There is a lot of work needing to be done, and we have to pull together and get at it.

I went to work, as usual on Tuesday, 9/11. Took the LIRR to Penn Sta. Rode the #2 IRT Train to Wall and William, arriving there 9:10AM. They wouldn’t let us out by the usual exit, Wall/William. Went out the next one back. A construction worker came into the subway, and said, turn around and go home.

I should have listened.

When I hit the street, there was already paper, debris and smoke everywhere – even though we were about ¼ mile away from the WTC. I went into my office in 20 Exchange Place and heard about the first airliner strike. Shortly after we heard the second. Most had CNN on-line live TV on in the offices.

An hour or so later, it became as dark as night as the smoke and debris from the collapses surrounded us. Heard a rumble and saw a flash. (more…)

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