Ron Paul and the Civil War

Congressman Ron Paul is running for President again, and I assume his views on the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln haven’t altered since this interview which took place in 2007.  I will leave to other venues debates as to Ron Paul and his stance on current issues.  I would merely note that in regard to the Civil War he appears to be immensely ignorant.

Abraham Lincoln was in favor of compensated emancipaction from the 1840s, a fact which appears to elude Mr. Paul.  Here is an excellent article on Mr. Lincoln and compensated emancipation.  The simple fact is that neither slave holders in the Confederacy nor in the border states had any interest in compensated emancipation.  I hope if this subject comes up again during this campaign that someone will take the opportunity to correct Mr. Paul’s vast ignorance in this area.

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  1. Uh oh, Don. Now you’re gonna get it from his minions.

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