Edmund Burke: Speech to Bristol Electors, 1774

The young lady in the above video gives a spirited rendition of the speech of the great British parliamentarian Edmund Burke to the Bristol electors on November 3, 1774.  In this speech to his electors, Burke stated that he believed that a representative in Paliament could not merely be a mouthpiece for his voters, but that he had to, following his election, speak and vote in what he believed to be the best interests of the nation as a whole.  As it turned out, Burke would eventually lose his seat in Parliament in 1780 due to the opposition of a majority of the Bristol voters to three of the positions of Burke:  his opposition to the attempt by the King’s government to crush the American rebels through military force, his support for Catholic emancipation and his advocacy of free trade with Ireland.  On that occasion he also made a memorable speech to the Bristol electors defending his positions, and I have written about that speech here.

Here is the text of Burke’s speech to the Bristol electors on November 3, 1774: (more…)

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