July 17, 1861: Battle of Scary Creek

One of the first Confederate battlefield victories, the fight at the Scary Creek in West Virginia was part of a campaign by Union forces in West Virginia to drive the Confederate forces out of the crucial Kanawha Valley.

On July 17, 1861, a Union force of about 1000 men under Colonel John W. Lowe attempted to advance across Scary Creek en route to attacking the Confederate camp at Saint Albans.  After a fire fight of several hours duration at a bridge over Scary Creek, the 800 Confederates holding the Scary Creek line repulsed the Union advance.  The Confederates had been commanded by Colonel George S. Patton, the grandfather of the famed leader of the Third Army in World War II.  Losses in the battle were light:  the Union suffered 14 dead, 30 wounded and seven captured, while the Confederates sustained losses of 4 killed and six wounded, among them Colonel Patton. (more…)

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