Federalist 45 – Madison

Yes, it’s been a while.  Hopefully I can continue my series without taking months-long breaks in between.  I note that I am skipping Federalist Papers 42-44, not because they are unimportant, but because I really don’t have much to add to them in the way of analysis.  And rather than wait another month, let me just dive right back in with Federalist 45.

James Madison hits some themes that have occurred in previous Federalist papers.  With this essay Madison defends the Constitution from its critics, principally those who believe that the federal government will usurp the states.  As Alexander Hamilton has done previously, Madison flips the argument on its head and maintains that the federal government has more to fear from the states than vice versa.  Okay, neither he nor Hamilton was a prophet, but this paper illuminates the motivation behind their support for the proposed Constitution.


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Lincoln Calls For Volunteers


Fort Sumter surrendered on April 14, 1861.  The nation did not have long to wait on the reaction of President Lincoln.  His call for 75,000 volunteers only underlined what everyone already knew:  civil war had come to America.  Ultimately some two million men would serve in the Union Army, Navy and Marine Corp during the war. (more…)

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