A Call to Arms

Something for the weekend.  The song A Call to Arms, from the film Glory (1989), a magnicent and long overdue tribute to the black troops who fought for the Union in the Civil War.

In the film the gallant, albeit unsuccessful, attack on Fort Wagner by the 54th Massachusetts is depicted.  In that battle, Sergeant William Harvey, became the first black soldier to earn the Medal of Honor.  From his citation:

When the color sergeant was shot down, this soldier grasped the flag, led the way to the parapet, and planted the colors thereon. When the troops fell back he brought off the flag, under a fierce fire in which he was twice severely wounded.

War is a  foul, dirty, and, sadly, sometimes necessary business.  The only glory in it is the nobility of the courage and self sacrifice of men like Sergeant Harvey.

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  1. This was always one of my favorites..Movie was done very, very well. A tribute so very long overdue. One line in the movie that stands out for me was spoken by Morgan Freeman and goes like this;
    “Oh Lord, If we are to go down today, let us go down standing up, facing the enemy”. That single sentence speaks volumes. Jim Kelly Patriot Freedom http://www.patriotfreedom.org

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