Ronald Reagan: America, the Shining City on a Hill

Today is my 54th birthday.  I am pleased that I share my birthday with the man I consider the greatest president of my lifetime:  Ronald Wilson Reagan, who was born one hundred years ago today in Tampico, Illinois.  I admire President Reagan for many things: his unyielding opposition to abortion;  his wit, eloquence and good humor;  his prime role in bringing about the destruction of Communism as a ruling ideology in the former, how good it is to write that adjective!, Soviet Union and Eastern Europe;  his restoration of American prosperity by wringing inflation from the American economy;  his rebuilding of the nation’s defenses;  his restoration of American pride and optimism. 

Reagan loved and believed in this country.  Both his love and his faith came from his sense of the history of this nation.  In the video at the beginning of this post we see Reagan’s Farewell Address before he left office as President.  Towards the end of the speech Reagan in three brief paragraphs gave his summation of what the history of this country meant for him: (more…)

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