Like A Fire Bell In The Night

One of the remarkable things about the Secession Crisis and the Civil War that resulted from it, is that this disaster had been brewing ever since the American Revolution, and that many Americans throughout  that time could see how sooner or later slavery would lead to the break up of the Union and to war.  For all this foresight, nothing effective was done to resolve the issue of slavery over a span of eight decades to avoid the conflict that so many could see coming.  One of most dramatic of these predictions is contained in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to John Holmes, a Massachusetts congressman who voted against excluding slavery from Missouri, on April 22, 1820.  All his life Jefferson opposed slavery in words, and all his life he was a slave owner.  In his life we see how deeply woven slavery was into the way of life of the South.  Jefferson’s prime concern was what to do with the slaves if slavery were to end, since he could not conceive of a society where blacks and whites could live together on terms of equality. (more…)

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