Lincoln and Demon Rum

Abraham Lincoln is of course most noted for his opposition to slavery and the preservation of the Union, but these of course were not the only two issues Lincoln dealt with during his life.  As a politician all his adult life he had positions on all the major issues of the day.  One of these issues was temperance.  Lincoln was a supporter of the temperance movement throughout his public life, which was ironic since he had sold liquor at his store as a young man.  The temperance movement that Lincoln supported attempted to fight drunkenness through education and pledges of sobriety rather than through legislation.  Lincoln would occasionally take a sip of champagne at public events in toasts, otherwise he was a total abstainer.  He had seen many lives blighted in Illinois through drunkenness and he was passionate in regard to the dangers of overindulgence in alcohol.  Here is a speech he delivered on Washington’s Birthday in 1842 on the subject: (more…)

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