Great Turkey Disasters

As we prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and as we recall our blessings and thank God for each and every one, let us also remember the humble turkey and the various disasters that result when that proud bird is not treated with the care that it deserves, dead or alive.    Oldtimers like myself will recognize the above video as part of the famous “Turkey Drop” episode from WKRP, a sitcom from the Seventies. 

Of course Turkey Disasters are not, unfortunately, restricted to the realm of fiction.    Deep frying a turkey poses various risks.

Here we have a case of the flaming avian:

Then we have a scientific explanation of why a deep fat turkey friar is almost always a bad idea in unskilled hands.

Of course there are those among us who revel in the destructive possibilities of cooking turkey.

To summarize:

Tomorrow my bride will roast the turkey which is the way God intended for a turkey to be prepared.  As usual, the kids and I will do the dishes.  Have a happy and non-flaming-Turkey Thanksgiving!

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  1. That’s why I leave all messin’ with grills and deep fat friers to the menfolks and safely roast my birds in the oven. I don’t love turkey so much I’m willing to risk a trip to the Burn Unit via ambulance!

    May the McClareys have a happy and restful Thanksgiving. I am sure the V.’s will (since politics is now taboo at our holiday meals – with a family split down the middle between D’s and R’s, you can see why we are eager to avoid civil war, although the like-minded will often be spotted grumbling or gloating, depending on the year,to each other sotto voice in the various nooks and crannies of my sister’s house. If you are not in agreement with the grumbler, it is wise to pretend you didn’t hear a thing. This is the result of bloody and brutal experience – it’s a miracle mayhem was not committed during election year 2004. There are people in my family who could blog at Vox Nova:-)

  2. Politics and a good meal rarely mix well together Donna in my experience. A happy and tranquil Thanksgiving for you and yours!

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