Federalist 40 – Madison

First of all, I apologize for my incredibly long hiatus.  I started writing these posts about the Federalist Papers over a year ago, and at this rate they will get done in time for the tri-Centennial celebration of the US Constitution.

It’s somewhat of a downer to get back into the swing of things with Federalist 40.  Though James Madison and Alexander Hamilton engaged in some rhetorical sleight of hand in previous essays, this one is almost dizzying in its logical contortions.  Federalist 40 is James Madison’s attempts to rebut the legal objections to the Constitution, and his answers surely make some of of the most squirrely of attorneys blush. (more…)

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Wobomagonda, “White Devil”, was the term that the Abenakis applied to Robert Rogers, the founder and leader of Rogers Rangers.

The massacre of English and colonial troops and civilians after the surrender of Fort William Henry in 1757 inflamed American public opinion against both the French and their Indian auxiliaries.  Cries for vengeance rang out, and in 1759 Robert Rogers answered those cries.

For almost a century, the Abenakis, usually with the assistance of the French, and the English settlers on the frontiers of New England and New York had wage a merciless war against each other of raid and counter-raid.  On September 13, 1759, Rogers was ordered  by General Jeffery Amherst, British commander-in-chief in North America,  to conduct a raid on their main base camp of Saint Francis along the banks of the Saint Lawrence in Canada. (more…)

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