The Yellow Rose of Texas

Something for the weekend.  The Yellow Rose of Texas.  The song was quite popular with Confederate troops during the Civil War.  After the Nashville campaign where General John Bell Hood largely destroyed the Confederate Army of Tennessee, bitter troops under his command added this stanza to the song:

Oh my feet are torn and bloody, and my heart is full of woe,
I’m going back to Georgia, to find my Uncle Joe,
You may talk about your Beauregard, sing of General Lee,
But the gallant Hood of Texas, played hell in Tennessee. 

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November 14, 1860: Alexander Stephens Argues Against Secession


The Civil War was brewing after the election of Lincoln 150 years ago.  Here at Almost Chosen People we will take frequent looks back in the years to come on events that occurred 150 years ago as the nation went through its most terrible trial.

In Georgia, Governor Joe Brown called the Georgia legislature into session to address the issue of calling a convention to consider the question of secession.  Ironically, it was Alexander Stephens, future Vice President of the Confederacy, who spoke passionately against secession.  Stephens was a friend of Lincoln’s and in his speech stressed just how weak Lincoln would be, with a Congress filled with his opponents: (more…)

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