The Rivalry

When I was down at the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois last summer, I picked up an audio version of the play The Rivalry, which depicts the Lincoln-Douglas debates from the viewpoint of Adele Douglas, the young wife of Stephen A. Douglas.  Paul Giamatti, who portrayed John Adams in the HBO miniseries, plays the role of Douglas, David Strathairn is Lincoln and Lily Rabe is Adele Douglas.  Using text from the debates, and other speeches and writings of Douglas and Lincoln, the play is a wonderful recreation of the debate of ideas that captured the nation in 1858.  The story is told with passion, humor and depth.  It is a magnificent achievement, and I have listened to the play 5 or 6 times in my car, which is unusual repetition for me in regard to a play or audio book.  I highly recommend it to our readers.

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