How Europe Sees America

Click on the above map to be able to read it.  The original of the map is here.  Tito, one of my co-bloggers at The American Catholic,  had a post last Sunday here with a map depicting how America views Europe.  Ambrose “Bitter” Bierce in the 19th Century said that war was God’s way of teaching Americans geography.  Unfortunately, the lessons do not appear to stick.  However, the Europeans are often not that better informed about us.       

For example, I have always enjoyed reading the English historian Paul Johnson, and have read almost every book he has written.  Therefore, I was dismayed when reading his history of the US to encounter quite a few factual errors, including his inability to distinguish between Albert Sydney Johnston and Joseph Johnston in the Civil War, and his apparent belief that it was the Texas Rangers and not Army Rangers who landed at Utah Beach on Normandy.

European views of America can be just as much based  upon rank ignorance and stereotypes as Amercan views of Europe, as the American writer Bruce Bawer discovered after living in the Netherlands and Norway. (more…)

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