You Are There At the Alamo

From 1947-1950 CBS broadcast on radio an educational show called You Are There which would be a newscast reporting on a historical event.  The series was revived for Television from 1953-1957 and briefly in 1971-72.  The video at the beginning of this post is from an episode of the 71-72 revival.  Walter Cronkite hosted the show in both the Fifties and the Seventies.

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  1. The Alamo always fascinates me, mostly because of the involvement of the Bowies. Of course they made their money trading in slaves, something they learned from the Laffite brothers in Galveztown. But the fact that Jim is called a “hero” at the Alamo when all he did was lie abed with a fever just caps the bottle as far as I’m concerned.

  2. There are several accounts of how Bowie met his end at the Alamo Pauline, but if the account of how he emptied his pistols from his sick bed into Mexican soldiers before they bayonetted him is true, then I do salute his courage. His mother upon being informed of his death gave her son a fitting epitaph:
    “I’ll wager no wounds were found in his back.”

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