Largest confederate cities

Here’s a bit of a brain teaser courtesy of Sporcle:  name the 25 largest cities in the Confederacy.  I must confess to getting only 12/25.  Geography is just not my strong suit.

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  1. New Orleans was the largest with around 160,000. I am not going to cheat and use the internet or click on the link. My candidates for the remaining 24:

    1. Richmond
    2. Charleston
    3. Nashville
    4. Alexandria
    5. Memphis
    6. Raleigh
    7. Chattanooga
    8. Wilmington
    9. Norfolk
    10. Columbia
    11. Jackson
    12. Mobile
    13. Vicksburg
    14. Baton Rouge
    15. Wheeling
    16. Atlanta
    17. Savannah
    18. Goldsboro
    19. Montgomery
    20. Petersburg
    21. Milledgeville
    22. Staunton
    23. Little Rock
    24. New Berne

  2. Ouch! I just took the Quiz. Well that certainly is a hit in my Civil War knowledge vanity!

  3. Well you did better than me. A lot of those smaller ones were tough.

    It’s a fascinating quiz if for no other reason than it shows how the population has shifted over time, especially in the south where big urban centers didn’t really develop until well into the 20th century. Sporcle has several of those types of quizzes for the entire US that shows how the biggest cities shift every decade.

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