My wife and I currently are watching North and South, a mini-series from the mid eighties about two families, the Hazards of Pennsylvania and the Mains of South Carolina, from 1842-1865.  The mini-series is historical junk food, and could be best described as Dallas does the Civil War.   However as fairly mindless entertainment with some historical flavoring it isn’t bad.  The miniseries did make an effort to get the period dress correct, and one of the best examples is in the sequence at the battle of Churubusco in 1847 during the Mexican War.  Although the Alamo has had many film recreations, the Mexican War has rarely been treated on film in this country. 

As the video at the beginning of this post indicates, the uniforms are well done and quite accurate.  It is a shame that the Mexican War hasn’t attracted more attention from Hollywood.  It is a fascinating period, full of episodes that I think modern audiences would find interesting.  Certainly considering how wretched much of modern education is, it certainly would be a fresh story for most of the viewers!

Here is a trailer for the North and South miniseries in all its trashy glory!

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