Reading the Declaration

Part of my ongoing effort to have people read the Declaration on the Fourth.  This video demonstrates two things.  First, that even Hollywood can’t foul up the Declaration when Mr. Jefferson’s words are allowed to speak for themselves.  Second, that the Declaration is very much a speech, and is best understood when read aloud.  In the ealier days of our Republic, a public reading of the Declaration was usually a part of the festivities on the Fourth.  It is a tradition that I wish we would return to.

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  1. What a simple and obvious thing to do but I have never see or heard it done–anywhere. I’m with you we need to read it and get back to its republican principles–

  2. (Guest comment by Don’s wife Cathy:) We’ve been reading the Declaration as a family on the Fourth for several years now, with each kid being given larger chunks to read as they’ve gotten older and more skilled in reading.

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