The Franklins: Father and Son By the Sword Divided

William Franklin, eldest son of Benjamin Franklin, is one of the forgotten men of American history.

Born illegitimate to Benjamin Franklin in 1731, he was raised by Franklin and Franklin’s remarkably tolerant wife.  He joined the American Regiment during King George’s War, 1744-48, and rose to the rank of Captain.  He went to London to study law, and while there followed in his father’s footsteps by fathering an illegitimate son, who was raised by his grandfather Benjamin Franklin.  While in England William also married Elizabeth Downes.

Thanks to his father’s efforts, William was appointed royal governor of New Jersey in 1763.   William remained an ardent Loyalist while his father embraced the Patriot cause.  This caused a breach between the two men that was never repaired.  William remained governor until 1776 when he was arrested by order of the provincial congress of New Jersey.  He remained incarcerated for two years until he was exchanged for a captured American officer in 1778.   He quickly became one of the most prominent Loyalists.   He attempted to start a guerilla war against the Patriots but was thwarted in his efforts by General Clinton, who commanded the British forces in New York where William took up his residence, who did not wish to wage an unconventional war. (more…)

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