Hunley Crew Funeral

On February 17, 1864, the crew of the CSS Hunley achieved military immortality,  making the first submarine kill against a surface target by sending the USS Housatonic to the bottom of the Charleston Harbor.  The crew did not have long to celebrate their victory.  Shortly after the sinking of the Housatonic, the Hunley itself sank, with all hands lost.

The crew consisted of :  Lieutenant George E. Dixon (Commander), Frank Collins, Joseph F. Ridgaway, James A. Wicks, Arnold Becker, Corporal C. F. Carlsen, C. Lumpkin, and (first name unknown) Miller.  They were all very brave men.  They were aware when they volunteered to serve aboard the Hunley that it had sunk on two previous occasions, drowning twelve crewmen. (more…)

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