John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail

It has become fashionable in many circles to decry American exceptionalism.  I must respectfully dissent from this trend.  In many ways America is sui generis among the nations of the Earth.  Our Civil War is a prime example.  Almost 150 years ago this nation was rocked by a fratricidal blood letting that killed 640,000 out of a population of 30,000,000, maimed for life many more than that and devastated a third of the nation.  Such an event in almost any other nation on Earth would have given birth to an everlasting legacy of hate.  

The video above describes well the panic that accompanied John Hunt Morgan’s Great Raid through Indiana and Ohio in 1863.  In most nations that raid would still be remembered with hatred by people of Indiana and Ohio.  In our nation?  We come up with the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail! (more…)

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