Confederate Arizona


One of the lesser known aspects of the Civil War is the fighting that occurred in the far west in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.  If the Confederacy had managed to win independence, there would have been much wrangling around the negotiating table about the territories of New Mexico and Arizona which had a fair number of Conferate sympathizers in them.

On March 16, 1861, a secession convention met in Mesilla, New Mexico.  The delegates were from southern New Mexico and Arizona.  The delegates adopted a secession ordinance which is set forth below.  The Confederate territory of Arizona consisting of southern Arizona and New Mexico was organized.  The territory was recognized by the Confederacy on February 14, 1862 and representatives of the territory sat in the Confederate Congress until the end of the war.  After the Confederate defeat at Glorietta Pass on March 26-28, 1862 in New Mexico, the tide of war went strongly against the Confederates in Arizona and New Mexico, with the Confederate territorial government of Arizona relocating to El Paso, Texas in July of 1862. (more…)

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