Reproducing the Declaration

A good video on the making of copies of the Declaration of Independence.  This may be of interest only to me, but I have always been fascinated by the technologies used to make copies of documents prior to the 20th century.

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Shall We Gather At The River


Something for the weekend.  This beautiful hymn was written in 1864 by a Baptist Preacher Robert Lowery and published in 1865.  The best rendition of this hymn that I can find on-line is that in the film Major Dundee, Sam Peckinpah’s flawed masterpiece.  The hymn begins at 4:11.  The use of the hymn is anachronistic in that this portion of the film is in early 1865, the same year as publication, and I can’t imagine how anyone in Texas would have heard of it.  However, the hymn choice was perfect in that is so completely evocative of the sturdy faith of most 19th Century Americans, even  the hard cases that made up Major Dundee’s force.

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