The Signers

 A musical tribute to the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. Here is a list of the Signers by State with short bios.  The last survivor of the Signers was Charles Carroll of Carrollton from Maryland who died at 95 on November 14, 1832.  Carroll also had the distinction of being the sole Catholic Signer of the Declaration.

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  1. Excellent video.


    Charles Carroll didn’t sign the Constitution. Dan Carroll did, but I think he left before it was time to sign. I think he was Charles carroll’s brother.

  2. I meant to say that Dan Carroll attended the Constitutional Convention, but left before it was time to sign.

  3. Thank you for the correction JM. I have amended the article. I did confuse Charles Carroll with his cousin Dan Carroll, who was one of the two Catholic signers of the Constitution.

  4. That’s right, Dan Carroll left the constitutional convention, but came back in time to sign it. I think he had duties in Maryland as well.

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