Card Driven Games

It is getting rather close to Christmas to be giving gift ideas, but if you have a child or an adult you are buying for who loves history and likes games you might wish to consider a card driven historical game.


Pictured at the start of this post is the map and counters of  the first of the card driven games, We The People,  that came out in 1994.  In We the People one player commands the British forces and the other player commands the American patriots and their eventual French allies.  Victory in the war is the goal of the game.  The cards in the game are played by the players as they are drawn from the deck and determine how many units a player can move in the term and activate historical events which affect the game.   Here are examples of some of the cards:

 The game is rather straight foward and should be easy to master for any child 12 or up.  I think this type of game is an excellent way to teach history to kids and foster a love of history in them.

Here is a review of the game on Boardgame Geek, one of my homes away from home on the net.

Here is a “geeklist” of some of the card driven history games now available.  As you can see they cover many periods and the complexity level goes from games that Homer Simpson could play in an hour to games that only brain surgeons serving life sentences will probably ever complete.

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