No More Kings

As a tie-in to my A Just War post of yesterday, the Schoolhouse Rock No More Kings.

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  1. I don’t care how inaccurate it is, I have always loved it. My kids like it too. (It really stands up!) Besides, while short on facts and context, it contains this element of positive myth that I really appreciate.

  2. It has a catchy tune. Besides, its attitude towards the British Monarchy is something all the American and Irish rebels in my family tree would cheer if they could have seen it!

  3. I particularly like the raspberry when the country is “grown” and the pitchforks that the Americans wield to drive the English back into the sea.

    I’ll have to remember both for January 22… Though maybe carrying pitchforks in D.C. is a bad idea… I’ll just wear my kilt instead and “go Braveheart.”

  4. My brother always loved the raspberry part.

  5. I’m madly in love with School House Rock

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